Referral Program Rules
How Does the Affiliate Program Work?
The affiliate program from Smart Crypto Service works as follows: you bring in new users to our system, and for each paid subscription, you earn a commission.
Share your experience using the service and earn.
Information about the Affiliate Program
The referral code and referral link can be found in your personal profile.
Copy the code and send it to those you want to invite.
Once a user follows your referral link or enters your unique code during registration, they are automatically linked to your affiliate account permanently.
In your personal profile, you can see your referrals and the history of earnings.
We pay a 10% commission on all tariff payments made by each referred user.
You can only use one account for the affiliate referral program. Using two or more accounts may be considered a violation and lead to suspension.
How to Withdraw Funds
Commissions from the affiliate program are calculated in USDT. Payouts are made in USDT TRC-20 or BEP-20.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT. You can request a payout at any time once your commission exceeds this threshold.
Earned commissions can also be used to pay for tariffs.
Processing payouts may take up to 21 days. We make every effort to shorten this period, but it may take some time to verify your referrals for the first withdrawal.
The commission for monthly subscription payments is credited to your account immediately.
Please note that if refunds are issued to your referrals for any reason, the commission for those refunds will be deducted from your affiliate account.
Within the Affiliate Program, the following is not allowed:
Posting referral links accompanied by false information that could mislead potential users.
Using a referral link for oneself in order to receive a commission or to take advantage of discounts and promotions currently offered through it.
SPAM sent through mass email, social networks, chats, messengers, and any other forms of communication will result in account cancellation.
Any unlawful activities, including fraud, the use of stolen account data, or other criminal actions.
Any attempts to deceive or abuse our referral program.
Violation of these rules will result in the closure of the affiliate account. We reserve the right to cancel commission payments received through illegal, fraudulent, or questionable marketing methods.